Law Firm Župan, Babić & Antunović provides full legal support and comprehensive legal services in all areas of law. The structure of the clients of the Law firm is made up of domestic and foreign legal entities and physical persons, international organizations and multinational companies operating in the Republic of Croatia. Legal services provided to clients include primarily commercial law, statutory trade issues, civil law, administrative law, labor law, contract drafting services and other business documentation, collection of claims, legal support in real estate affairs, legal services in the protection of intellectual property and industrial property rights, in matters relating to the acquisition of residence and citizenship in the Republic of Croatia and all other legal support in accordance with the needs and interests of clients.

Law firm Župan, Babić & Antunović was founded in 2018 by joining the Joint Attorney’s Office Ivan Župan and Melita Babić and the Law Office Luka Antunović as a continuation of the successful cooperation between lawyer Ivana Župan, lawyer Melita Babić and lawyer Luka Antunović. Attorneys provide their clients with over 20 years of combined experience in law. The law firm is headquartered in Zagreb where lawyers Ivan Župan and Luka Antunović are attended, while lawyer Melita Babić holds office in Bjelovar.

The law firm is a member of IR Global, the largest international network of professional services with more than 4500 partners in over 150 jurisdictions, as the exclusive partner in the area of commercial law. Furthermore, the Law firm is a member of the MC Public Affairs Legal Network, a lobbying and consulting business network that provides its services in the area of Central and South Eastern Europe as the exclusive partner for the Republic of Croatia. In addition, for the territory of the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Macedonia, Law firm is a partner of the internet service provider BridgeWest for company status issues.

Finally, Law firm Župan Babić & Antunović is particularly proud on business relation with UNIJA Accounting, an international accounting firm based in Slovenia, with offices in many European Union and other European countries, which is characterized by high quality services and modern solutions, and a high degree of satisfaction and trust, both to the parties as well as to the professional public.

Main business goal of the Law Firm Župan, Babić & Antunović is to organize operation of the law firm that provides full legal support to the clients in order to fulfill all the needs of the clients and represent all their rights and interests to the fullest extent possible.

Lead principles of Law firm with the clients are, above all, providing complete and accurate legal information, as well as transparency and speed in communication with the aim of building trust among lawyers and clients.


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